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Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin – Since 1949
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Inside the Petro Travel Plaza: Our Sturtevant Store

Located just west of Racine, our store shares a home inside the Hwy 20 Petro Travel Plaza right off I-94.  It’s the perfect store for those who need a quick getaway.

Our Sturtevant Store

O&H Danish Bakery, Sturtevant Wisconsin LocationEvery person (and Viking for that matter!) needs a quick outpost to refuel and resupply.  Fresh made bakery and fair trade coffee make this the perfect stop.

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6:00am - 6:00pm

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Self service counters are available everyday after hours.

717 South Sylvania Avenue
Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177


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Whether you are coming from the north, south, east or west, our O&H bakery location in Sturtevant is conveniently located in your direct pathway.

Situated comfortably right off I-94 and Highway 20, you can make this delicious Danish pastry store a sweet treat destination while you stay in the Sturtevant area or a delightful pit stop on your travels through Racine County.  Regardless of your reason for visiting, you will not regret the opportunity to enjoy one of our famous, mouthwatering and flaky Kringle or other tasty baked goods.

The History of Our Danish Pastry Bakery

O&H Danish Bakery, Sturtevant Wisconsin LocationLocated west of Racine inside the Highway 20 Petro Travel Plaza, our Danish Pastry store on South Sylvania Avenue is the perfect pit stop to discover a taste of our Denmark origins and history through decadent pastries and bakeries.  Our delightful Kringle became available after Racine developed into “the most Danish City in America” due to immigration.  This influx included the arrival of Anton Olesen from Denmark, in 1921, who was searching for a better life for his family.  Anton’s son, Christian, quickly took work in a bakery and began to learn the trade of making delicious pastries from scratch.

Following more than two decades mastering the technique and methods of working in a bakery, Christian finally ventured out in 1949 and, with a business partner, started O&H Danish Bakery.  Now in its fourth generation of owners, our famous pastry has led to the expansion of our bakery with multiple stores so you can easily find your nearest Kringle and scratch made Danish treats.

The Famous Kringle

A hand-painted Viking shield that depicts Sturtevant's city logo hangs in our Washington Avenue store.Danish pastries and Kringle as we know today, were created by a moment of serendipity due to a strike of the Danish Bakers Association in the mid-1800s in Denmark.  During this time, Austrian bakers were hired to work in Denmark and brought with them their knowledge of dough folding and layering of shortening.  The Danish bakers after returning, added their ideas and ingredients and, centuries later, we are still enjoying the result of this collaboration from the first tender bite of our Kringle to the last delicious mouthful.  Over the years, customers in Racine requested new flavors and bakeries in Racine were happy to oblige with new creations.  This led to local bakeries keeping the same methods of layering but moving away from the original pretzel design to an oval shape, which in turn saw the popularity of Kringle pastry skyrocket, and customers still travel from all around so they can get a taste.

In 1963, when Christian’s son, Ray, took over the family trade, he turned this traditional Danish bakery into a thriving bakery.  Without deviating from the hard work and time-honored techniques, Ray catered to his customers’ wishes by adding more fillings to our pastries and serving each customer like family.

Sticking to the trusted technique of Old Denmark and our grandfather, our bakers today continue to exercise patience when it comes to our Kringle pastry.  We roll our pastry over three consecutive days, layering with butter and resting overnight to produce a rich, buttery, tender, flaky and succulent pastry when baked.  We then go on to search for the best ingredients from around the world to create homemade fillings and unforgettable flavored Kringles.

Our state of Wisconsin is home to the famous Door County montmorency cherries, fresh from the bog cranberries and silky smooth cream cheese.  These delicious fruits and local specialties are the star ingredients in our Kringle including our Cherry Kringle, Red, White and Blue Kringle and other seasonal Kringles.  Alternatively, our fondness for traveling around the world, has led us to scouring the globe for fabulous ingredients like Indonesian cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla bean and Swedish Chocolate flavors for the best that nature can provide.

Danish Kringle Store Near Me

We love to share our passion of Kringles and Danish pastries with our fans and, of course, help our new customers to appreciate our Viking heritage with divine baked goods.  Situated near Ives Grove Golf Course, our store is located right off I-94 in the Petro Travel Plaza and only ten minutes away from the new Foxconn Wisconsin facility.  It is the perfect getaway for a moment of indulgence, a well-deserved traveling break from Chicago or Milwaukee or simply a reward after a hard day at work.

You can stop by every day of the week, including weekends, and quickly pick up a Danish treat on your way to Evan’s Park which is just a short drive west along Washington Avenue on Highway 20.  Alternatively, if you enjoy the challenge of target shooting at Racine Instinctive Bowmen Inc, then consider a well-deserved treat after your activities.  Only a five-minute drive covering two miles, travel east on 50th Road then turn south to head down W Frontage Rd.  Our delicious bakery is located inside the Travel Store on your left with plenty of parking outside for small and large vehicles.

Are you coming from Sturtevant, in Racine County?  Your approximate ten-minute drive is worth the effort to get a taste of our appetizing pastries.  A quick trip west on Durand Ave will get you to South Sylvania Ave where you take an immediate right, then continue to make the slight right to stay on South Sylvania Ave before joining up and heading north on West Frontage Rd and Grandview Parkway.  You will find our O&H Bakery located on your right after Lakeside International Trucks and the turnoff for Quality Inn Sturtevant - Racine.  The drive along West Frontage Rd will also give you the most direct route from the west side of Sylvania; alternatively, the SE Frontage Rd will get you to our bakery just as quickly, when you are traveling from the east side.

For more help finding the best route to our beloved bakery from your destination, click on google maps here.

O&H Danish Bakery Excellent Customer Service

Our Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee CakeOur family’s mission is to help every person share in the good life through the taste of happiness one slice at a time.  From the moment you walk in the door, we treat our customers as part of the family with warm smiles, good friendly conversation and of course the highest quality, fresh and tasty baked goods.  These values are the exact reason why our local customers are bringing in their out of town guests for a quick bite so they too can enjoy our vast selection of danishes, donuts, pastries and famous Kringle.  Our website boasts rave reviews from satisfied customers for every Kringle flavor, from the Almond to the Viking Very Berry Kringle.  You can check out our reviews here to be even more tempted and motivated in selecting your own slice of crispy Kringle goodness.

You will frequently hear that our bakery is a place you “must go to” and indulge in our mouthwatering treats, homemade fillings and delectable ingredients.  We are passionate about providing you with perfect pastries from the first taste to the last delicious crumb, so we ensure to always maintain the long-proven traditional baking methods of our Danish heritage that have been handed down through the generations.  We also embrace the community support that has allowed us to expand to multiple locations and that’s why we always enjoy giving back to our small town through events, helping local organizations or providing donations.  This means that when you are searching for a “Danish pastry store near me’, you can now visit our convenient O&H Bakery located in the Petro Travel Plaza near Sylvania.

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