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Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin – Since 1949
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If you are ever in the neighborhood, visit one of our stores!

Our Oak Creek Store

Located just north of Racine, our store is right off of I-94 and Ryan Road  It’s our closest store to Milwaukee and an easy stop for something delicious.

Our Oak Creek Store

O&H Danish Bakery, Oak Creek Wisconsin LocationOur closest store to Milwaukee, stop in for fresh made bakery and fair trade coffee  And if you are a little hungrier, grab a seat and one of our made to order sandwiches on our artisan bread.

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9540 South 27th Street
Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154


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Looking for a delicious treat?  Then head into our Danish Kringle Store in Oak Creek.

Situated only twelve miles South of Milwaukee, our Danish baked pastries, donuts, artisan bread and sweet delights are baked fresh daily and are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and hungry tummy.  We are passionate about providing our valued customers with quality and perfection in every bite, whether you select our famous Kringle pastry with homemade fillings or a made to order sandwich.  Now in our fourth generation of family ownership, our bakery is continuing to provide quality baked goodies and pastries, excellent customer service and a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as giving back to our supportive community.

History of O&H Bakery

O&H Danish Bakery, Oak Creek Wisconsin LocationDescending from Danish immigrants in the 1920s, our bakery was initially founded by Christian Olesen and has remained in the family since the doors of our bakery first opened.  After arriving in Racine County as a teenage boy, Christian spent more than two decades learning the bakery trade before finally launching O&H Bakery in 1949 with a business partner.

Once Christian’s son, Ray, and his wife, Myrna took over the family business in 1963, the popularity of the bakery flourished as did the Danish Kringle pastry.  Using the ingenuity of Racine bakers, who changed the original pretzel shaped treat to a new oval shape to pack in more filling, our delicious Kringles continue to be made to satisfy the requests of our customers looking for that exceptional goodness in each bite.

Ray continued to work hard and using traditional Danish pastry techniques and methods; he grew the bakery which resulted in the need to move the bakery to larger location in 1972 and open a second store in 1982.  This second location made it easier for people from North and South Racine to access and enjoy our delightful Kringle and baked goods.

We have continued to listen to our customers which has resulted in adding a few more convenient store locations, including our Danish Kringle Bakery in Oak Creek, to share our love for quality pastries, family traditions and our Danish heritage.  After more than a century of being made locally, the Kringle is now such an integral part of Racine, Wisconsin history that is was designated as “The Official State Pastry of Wisconsin” in 2013.

The Making of the Kringle

A hand-painted Viking shield that depicts Oak Creek's city logo hangs in our Washington Avenue store.Resulting in buttery, flaky and a mouthwatering pastry and filled with an array of delicious flavors, our Kringle is something that everyone must experience.  We follow the traditional and time-honored technique of dough making that originated in Denmark during the mid-1800s when Austrian bakers influenced our Danish pastry.  Our skilled bakers roll the pastry dough multiple times, layering it with butter and then letting it rest overnight.  We know that our patience and dedication to this lengthy baking method always pays off when we prepare the 36-layer-pastry dough.

The Kringle dough that surrounds our scratch made fillings is a rich, light, tender, flaky and flavorful pastry that will remind you of delicious home baking.  You can select from a wide range of fillings that have been made with just as much love as our dough, and some delightful ingredients were handcrafted from our family’s homemade recipes that have been passed down through our grandparents and parents.

We use the finest ingredients that we can find to complement our delectable Kringle pastry, and we are fortunate enough to have the best fruits right at our doorstep.  These include the famous juicy Wisconsin Door County montmorency cherries, fresh from the bog cranberries and many other of the best seasonal ingredients we can find.  In fact, we are always eagerly anticipating a change in seasons and the new flavors each month and season brings.  This approach of letting nature provide us with the best ingredients is something we firmly believe in, because if your ingredients taste wonderful then the quality of our Danish Kringle is sure to be outstanding.

This passion that we always use the best ingredients, has led us back to our Viking roots and we embrace roaming the world looking for the highest quality, premium flavors and ingredients, which we use as inspiration to continue to add to our selection.  Our travels have led us to create unforgettable tastes using Indonesian cinnamon, Vanilla beans from Madagascar and decadent Swedish Chocolate, just to name a few.

Danish Kringle Store in Oak Creek

You can find our O&H Danish Bakery, Oak Creek location at the intersection of South 27th Street and Route 100.  This site is our closest store to Milwaukee and only an eight-minute drive from the new IKEA in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  Our quaint bakery is tucked behind the Amoco corner gas station, which makes our convenient and easy location the perfect stop for getting fuel into your body as well as your car.  There is plenty of parking outside and customer seating inside, so you can sit back and enjoy our delicious food and then get more fresh and tasty pastries before you hit the road.

Our bakery destination is located north of Racine, right off I-94 and Ryan Road.  You can stop in for a fresh Danish pastry, hot cup of fair trade coffee or sandwich-to-go on your way to catch a flight at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee which is only 9 miles north of our location.  Alternatively, if you are picking up visitors from the airport then be sure to stop by and treat them to a taste of Wisconsin which has all our local customers raving.  We are also only a five-minute drive North on I-94 from 7 Mile Fair.  Whichever direction you’re coming from, you can easily find directions to our Danish Kringle bakery location here on google maps.

Not sure which flavor Kringle to pick once you get here? You will quickly find helpful hints when you view our customer reviews on our website.  With generous five-star ratings for all our Kringles and over 2000 reviews for some flavors including our Almond Kringle, you can guarantee that any tasty pastry you select is sure to satisfy.  One customer also recommends grabbing one of our brochures, because you will want to order again and again.

For more help finding the best route to our beloved bakery from your destination, click on google maps here.

Supporting Our Local Community

Our Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee CakeWe know that we are successful because of our supportive community, and just like we do with family, we have plenty of love and support to give back.  Our company mission is to help make our community a better place for all and, therefore, we aim to give back to our local area through donations.  We primarily support family unity, Christian values and childhood education.

Come on into our Danish pastry store on South 27th Street, and you will experience our warm and welcoming atmosphere, friendly customer service and mouth watering pastries, donuts, biscuits and quality baked goods.  We guarantee that you will enjoy every last bite of our traditionally made Danish pastry that our grandparents taught us, and we still make from scratch today.

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