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We select the finest ingredients for our pastries

The Finest Ingredients

What goes in our pastries matters
Finding the best ingredients is a passion of ours - and a way of life. That's why we are constantly searching to find only the finest fruits, nuts, flour and butter, because if you have great ingredients it makes everything that much better.

Embracing the finest local ingredients in Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin cherries
Door County, Wisconsin cherries being harvested in the summer
We are proud to be from Wisconsin. It is a state that loves great food and great drink. So when we set out in search for the best ingredients, often our exploration does not take us too far away from home. We have scoured the state to select some of our most famous and delicious ingredients, including famous Door County cherries, fresh from the bog Wisconsin cranberries and pure, silky smooth Wisconsin cream cheese. So grab a slice and have a taste of our home state. On Wisconsin!
  • Wisconsin cranberry farm
  • Smooth Wisconsin cream cheese

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Chopped late Spring rhubarb
Each year we anxiously wait for rhubarb season to arrive in late Spring
Living in Wisconsin, we get to experience every season nature has to offer. We often enter each season with a sense of excitement as nature brings us a new bounty of flavors and ingredients to add, mix and create with. Simliar to many traditional Danish recipes, our approach is to allow nature to produce the finest ingredients, while we take the simple approach of letting the best seasonal flavors shine through. With each change in the seasons, we embrace what nature has accomplished.
  • Raspberries growing on a bush
  • Chopped nuts

Searching the globe for the best flavors we can find

Turkish apricot preserves
Brightly tart and juicy Turkish apricot preserves
We can only imagine how our Viking ancestors were shaped by their wordly travels. Following in their footsteps, our family has too been influenced by foreign lands by having family members live in Brazil, Thailand, Spain and Germany. These experiences, as well as a healthy fascination with new places, inspire us to search the globe for new flavors, ingredients and ideas. Indonesian cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla bean, and Swedish Chocolate are just a few of the ingredients we use to create unforgettable flavors.
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