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Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin – Since 1949
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If you are ever in the neighborhood, visit one of our stores!

South side of Racine - Our Durand Avenue Store

Located an hour and a half north of Chicago and just 30 minutes from Milwaukee - Racine is our home town and the perfect stop to get your Kringle fix!

Our Durand Avenue Store

O&H Danish Bakery, Durand Avenue Store, Racine, Wisconsin, South Side LocationOur largest store that serves fresh bakery, fair trade coffee, made to order sandwiches, a deli and a quaint gift shop.

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4006 Durand Avenue
Racine, Wisconsin 53405


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If you are on the hunt for the world famous Kringle, then O&H Danish Bakery on Durand Avenue is the place to be.

With a variety of Kringle flavor sensations and other delectable baked goods, O&H Danish Bakery should be on your food bucket list.  If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying a truly excellent Kringle, here’s what you can expect: flaky, flavorful, and mouthwatering pastry that will melt in your mouth filled with classic toppings or some of our new exciting flavor combinations.  Located on Durand Avenue, only a few blocks away from Regency Mall, our bakery staff are waiting to welcome you into the loving embrace of your first Kringle.

A Little Kringle History

O&H Danish Bakery, Durand Avenue Store, Racine, Wisconsin, South Side LocationThe Kringle has evolved over the years to suit today’s tastes and the wishes of our loyal customers.  It was changed from the original pretzel shape into a more modern oval shape and can now be bought with a variety of incredible, scratch made fillings.  These magnificent pastries may have changed over the years, but our bakers still follow the time-honored tradition of patiently rolling out the layers of dough in a painstaking three-day long process in our Danish Kringle store in Racine.  By allowing the pastry to rest and absorb the smooth butter applied each day, you get to enjoy the delicate and flavorful texture of a Kringle that we have been famous for, for over four generations.

More About O&H Danish Bakery

A hand-painted Viking shield that depicts Racine's city logo hangs in our Washington Avenue store.Our family story starts with a Danish immigrant named Anton Olesen, who arrived in America from Denmark in 1921.  Finding life difficult in Denmark, he ventured to Racine, Wisconsin and over two years finally saved enough money to bring his five children too.  Over 90 years later, we are still benefiting from the trek he made to improve his life and the life of the family he adored.  Anton’s son, Christian, was one of his five children to come to America and upon arriving, he started working in a bakery to earn money to help support his family.  Through twenty years of experience, Christian learned the art of creating excellent Danish pastries and opened O&H Danish Bakery in 1949 in Racine, Wisconsin.  Generations later, we still use the methods and recipes that our grandfather and founder, Christian Olsen, came up with, to share some genuinely spectacular Danish pastries with the world.

In the five generations since Anton Olsen first arrived in Wisconsin, we have indeed come to love this state, and we know that this gorgeous place is our home.  Therefore, we love to highlight the best of our Wisconsin pride by using the most incredible local ingredients in our pastries.  Door County montmorency cherries, fresh from the bog cranberries, and pure, silky smooth Wisconsin cream cheese are just a few examples of our commitment to finding the best ingredients for our pastries.  Our family owned and run business has become part of the culture of Wisconsin, and we couldn’t be prouder to invite visitors from all over the world into our bakeries to experience the history and love that goes into our classic Danish recipes.

What’s New with Kringles?

Our Birthday KringleYou may be wondering what makes our Kringle recipe so special that it has stood the test of time and come out a winner.  First and foremost, we always take great pride to serve our customers the same way we have been taught from our parents and grandparents, with a family pride and focus on you.  We also have a deep love of food, and in particular bakery.  We continue to blend our time-honored recipes with new flavors to explore the wonder that is our natural world.  This means we have a great variety of Kringle flavors for you to choose from, whether it’s perfect for the season or one of our signature everyday Kringle flavors.  Want a Danish classic? Our Almond Kringle is made with incredibly smooth almond filling that amazes with each bite.  We believe in making the fillings for every Kringle from scratch and fill them to the brim with the finest Grade A fruits and nuts.  Take, for example our famous Pecan Kringle, which is a delectable combination of fancy pecans, brown sugar, and buttery cinnamon.  Or perhaps our Raspberry Kringle that uses the best ruby, red raspberries blended into a homemade jam that is simply irresistible.  Create a Pecan and Raspberry Pair and this decadent combo is simply breathtaking and we can’t wait to share it with you when you come to visit our bakery.

For the chocolate lovers out there, we have the Turtle Kringle.  Filled with creamy caramel and pecan nuts and drenched in our homemade chocolate sauce, this fantastically flaky pastry will hit the spot.  Topped with semi-sweet chocolate and fancy pecans, your sweet tooth will finally be satisfied with this one of a kind Kringle.  If you are celebrating a special birthday, there is truly no cake that can compete with the Birthday Kringle - layered with creamy custard and raspberry jam, topped with icing and sprinkles to make your birthday even more significant.

Danish Pastry Store Near Me

After all this, you’re probably wondering how quickly you can make your way to one of our bakeries.  If you are coming from the East, we are only an 8 minute drive from the Frank Lloyd Wright designed S.C. Johnson Wax Headquarters.  It’s easy to head down Hwy 32 and then take a quick right where you can continue straight on Durand Avenue and turn right straight into our bakery parking lot.  If you are heading in from the North, then we suggest taking Lathrop Avenue until you get to Durand Avenue, we are located right on the corner of Lathrop and Durand, and we will be easy to spot.  From the West, on Durand Avenue, look out for O’Reilly Auto Parts and find us just across the road only one block away from the US Social Security Administration building.  Head in from the South on Durand Avenue and look out for the Walgreens on your right and a CVS on your left, at the next intersection make a left and drive one short block to our classic Danish bakery.

Now that you know how to find us come and visit us to enjoy a delicious Kringle and many other artisan baked goods.  Backed by generations of tradition and a family passion, we simply cannot wait to share our creations with you.  If you get lost on your way to our O&H Bakery Durand location, have no fear, Google Maps is here.  Pick up your magnificent Kringles then head to the Pritchard Park via a quick three-minute drive with the whole family for a day of delicious snacks and fun for everyone.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the ingredients we use, any allergens, or any other queries you may have.  We are open from 05:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday, from 05:30am to 5:00pm on Saturday, and from 07:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday.  We are only closed for major holidays, but we are proud to be able to stay open seven days a week to keep providing you with the Kringles you deserve.

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