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O&H Kringle Schedule

By Eric Olesen - 3rd generation owner

Monday, July 27, 2020

Wondering when you can get your favorite seasonal kringle flavors?  Here is our current kringle schedule so be sure to mark your calendars!  We also like to try new things, so be sure to check back periodically for our newest flavors and pastries.

Winter Flavors


Copenhagen Kringle for Winter
  • Copenhagen Kringle

    If you have ever been to Denmark in winter, you would be amazed on what the Danes can do with light.  Inspired by those illuminating winter nights in Copenhagen, this Kringle is made with incredibly smooth almond and custard filling.

  • King Cake Kringle

    This King Cake inspired kringle features a cream cheese filling, is decorated in official Mardi Gras colors, and includes three strands of beads and a plastic baby.  You’ll even get the King Cake story to help celebrate Fat Tuesday!

  • Tiramisu Kringle

    Part of our Explorer’s Series, we travel like our ancestors to different desserts.  In this case, we were inspired by the famous Italian dessert of Tiramisu.  This kringle starts with a coffee infused cake base layer with a mascarpone style filling and topped off with our creamy icing and cocoa powder.

  • Valentine Cherry Kringle

    We start this in January if you want to show your love early, but it’s really a Valentine’s Day sweet to remember.  We take our traditional kringle and add in our delicious Door County Cherry filling, decorate it with red sugar, and then hand shape the pastry into a heart.

  • Valentine Pecan Kringle

    Made with fancy pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon, we take our most popular and well loved kringle and shape it into a heart and top it off with pink icing and red crystal sugar.  Pair it with our Cherry Heart and you have a perfect pair!


  • Frozen Tundra Kringle

    Hey, we are cheeseheads, so when our beloved Packers make the playoffs we have to get behind them.  Decorated in Green and Gold sprinkled and made with a blend of Cheesehead cream cheese filling and Frozen Dark Chocolate Tundra Chunks, this kringle is the perfect dessert to show your team pride.

  • Danish Sweetheart Kringle

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, this sweet treat is made with decadent red velvet cake layered with vanilla pudding and then frosted with cocoa cream icing and garnished with red velvet pieces.  It’ll be sure to catch your sweethearts attention.

Spring Flavors


Apricot Kringle for Spring
  • St Paddy's Kringle

    Irish eyes may be smiling, but the Danes know pastries.  This St.  Paddy's day treat starts with dark chocolate cake layered with mint flavored custard and then finished off with chocolate icing and mint chocolate pieces.

  • Mediterranean Apricot Kringle

    A customer favorite, this award-winning kringle features tart and juicy Mediterranean apricots, which we source from the famous central region of Turkey where these delicious stonefruit have been grown for thousands of years.

  • Easter Kringle

    In celebration of Easter, our Grandma's famous carrot cake is baked inside our flaky pastry and finished with a smooth and velvety cream cheese filling.  We then decorate it in Easter colors to make a statement on your table.


  • Churro Kringle

    In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we layer caramel and cinnamon to make a delicious filling and then top it off with our sweet icing and douse it in cinnamon sugar.  Try this one warmed up with ice cream!

  • Mimosa Kringle

    This brunch inspired kringle is filled with our signature orange filling and then topped with a champagne flavored frosting and garnished with white chocolate pearls.  We happen to love a good brunch game and this can be the MVP (Most Valuable Pastry)!

  • Mothers Day Raspberry Heart Shaped Kringle

    To celebrate Mom, we fill our flaky heart-shaped pastry with our homemade ruby, red raspberry filling and then add a cute pink icing and garnish with a touch of pink sugar.  It’s a great way to say your “thinking of” her!

  • I Heart Denmark Kringle

    Made for our love of Denmark, this kringle is made by blending our homemade cherry and smooth almond filling.  It’s inspired by one of the most famous desserts in Denmark, called Risalamande.  It’s no wonder we have loyal customers always asking for it back!


  • Red White And Blue Kringle

    Using only the finest ingredients from sea to shining sea, this Kringle features a delicious blend of Wisconsin cherries, wild Maine blueberries, and Wisconsin cream cheese, surrounded by our flaky pastry.  Every bite is a taste of America!

  • Rhubarb Kringle

    Just in time for Rhubarb season, we take premium seasonally tart Rhubarb pieces and wrap it up in our tender flaky pastry and top it off with a little bit of sweet icing.  Timing is based on the rhubarb harvest, so keep an eye out for this one!

Summer Flavors


Key Lime Summer Dessert Kringle
  • Lemonade Kringle

    When summer starts to hit, we were inspired by those warm days as a kid where you would cool off with a tall glass of lemonade.  This refreshing kringle starts with our signature lemon filling and a few added cranberries and then frosted in a lemon zested icing.

  • Fathers Day Kringle

    To celebrate Dad, we blend our smooth caramel filling with homemade chocolate and then top the kringle off with caramel icing and brownie pieces.


  • Key Lime Kringle

    For this summer hit, we make a tart and creamy filling using fresh key lime juice for a unique and tangy flavor.  Visit the Florida Keys without the trip!

  • Smores Kringle

    Inspired by the classic campfire treat we’d eat growing up (and still now!), our S'mores kringle starts with a honey graham cracker filling layered with decadent chocolate and then frosted with a creamy marshmallow icing.


  • Peach Cobbler Kringle

    This late summer treat starts with a butterscotch and cinnamon filling layered with deliciously sweet peaches and then topped off with sweet icing and crunchy streusel.  It’s a taste of southern hospitality in each bite!

  • Viking Very Berry Kringle

    In celebration of berry season, we can combine plump, ripe, luscious berries and our tender, delicate pastry.  When nature gives you the best fruits, just add them to our pastry for perfection!

Fall Flavors


Santa’s Secrect Christmas Kringle
  • Harvest Kringle

    Juicy Michigan apples sprinkled with cinnamon and then baked with toffee bits makes our Harvest Kringle a seasonal favorite.  The orchard fresh apples make all the difference!

  • Pumpkin Caramel Kringle

    With a perfect blend of pumpkin, spices, and caramel, with pecans on top, this kringle is the perfect treat for pumpkin lovers.

  • Viking Toast Kringle

    To achieve that classic French Toast flavor, we take a buttery maple cinnamon filling and layer it with silky smooth cream cheese and then we frost this Kringle in a Bourbon Vanilla icing and douse it in cinnamon sugar for a little extra uff-da.


  • Cider Kringle

    We make this kringle taste like fall by blending freshly pressed apples into a butterscotch pudding filling and then we top it off with molasses infused streusel filling and drizzle it with caramel icing.  This one is new this year, so you better grab it!

  • Wicked Good Kringle

    This wickedly delicious treat is made with our Midnight Chocolate filling arrives just in time for Halloween.  It’s spook-tacular!


  • A Very Danish Christmas Kringle

    This Kringle is made by layering our incredibly smooth Almond filling with delicious montmorency cherries from Door County, Wisconsin .  It recently won the best Kringle in the Midwest Food Expo Competition!  Not only is it award-winning, it’s delicious and beautiful too!

  • Brandy Old Fashioned Kringle

    Inspired by a classic Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned, this Kringle is made by combining a little brandy, caramel and cherries into our filling and topping it off with vanilla icing blended with orange zest.  Indulge in a taste of Wisconsin!

  • Christmas Kringle

    This seasonal hit is layered with moist chocolate cake filling and a touch of peppermint then topped with our delicious vanilla bean frosting and sprinkled with bits of red velvet cake.  After checking our list twice, this one definitely made the nice list.

  • Cranberry Kringle

    This fall favorite combines our famous light and flaky Danish pastry with tart Wisconsin cranberries and is topped off with sweet, creamy icing.  It’s made from local, fresh from the bog Wisconsin cranberries too!

  • Nordic Noel Kringle

    This kringle is filled with holiday flavors like silky smooth cream cheese and sweet ginger cake filling and then topped off with creamy vanilla icing and ginger cookie pieces.  It brings out a little Hygge in every bite and warms your soul.

  • Santa's Secret Christmas Kringle

    Topped with our signature creamy frosting and Christmas sprinkles, this kringle starts with Santa's secret Red Velvet cake recipe and then layered with smooth vanilla pudding.  It’s no wonder he was keeping it secret for so long!

  • Thanksgiving Stuffed Kringle

    This kringle is stuffed with traditional Thanksgiving flavors or Cranberry and Pecan pie.  It was even featured in the 2019 Midwest Living magazine last year as a great Holiday gift guide!

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