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Danish Layer Birthday Cakes - Handmade & Hand-decorated.

By Eric Olesen - 3rd generation owner

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Celebrating a birthday with a delicious piece of cake is a long-held tradition that can make turning another year older just that little bit sweeter.  Everyone from the young to the old gets excited over the thought of how the cake will be decorated, what flavor it will be and most importantly - how will it taste? When considering birthday party cake ideas, our bakery has got you covered with our beautifully handmade and hand-decorated cakes that look amazing and taste even better.  The older we get, the more that we appreciate a great cake, which is probably why we start our own birthday celebration by eating dessert first!

Why O&H Danish Bakery in Racine?

Handmade Danish Birthday CakesOur bakery was established by our grandfather, Christian Olesen in 1949 and is now owned by fourth generation family members.  After moving from Denmark to America in the 1920s, Christian’s father had high hopes of finding a better life for his family.  Starting when he was a teenage boy, Christian worked in a local bakery and mastered the trade for 25 years before opening O&H Bakery with a business partner.

Christian’s love for quality baking from scratch and good family values were passed onto his children and his son, Ray, eventually took over the business in 1963.  It was with the rise in popularity of our famous Danish Kringle and loyal customers that led Ray to expand O&H Bakery with a new larger bakery and a second store location.  And while our bakery was founded on making traditional Danish pastries, for 70 years each morning we have been making artisan breads, danishes and cakes from scratch.  My father (Ray) taught himself and his expert team of bakers how to bake, decorate and serve only the best quality cakes.

Today we continue to serve our customers near and far with delicious and beautifully crafted pastries, cakes, brownies and other baked goods using authentic Danish recipes that have been passed down through the generations.  Our family motto is sharing the good life through happiness one slice at a time, which is why we promise to never move away from these time-honored scratch-baking techniques that always prove to be flavorful and delicious.

Types of Danish Birthday Layer Cakes

Try our Fudge Layer Cake for your Next Birthday PartyAt O&H Danish Bakery, our layer cakes are created with two important things in mind - personal attention and a perfect balance between the cake and frosting.  Every layer cake is handmade to ensure that it is built to perfection and filled with our scratch made filling like our homemade raspberry jam, mouth-watering mousse or delicious buttercream.  Our extremely talented cake decorators then skillfully cover each cake with a smooth frosting and artistically hand-decorate the outside making these creations a fantastic addition to any birthday celebration.

A birthday cake made with the finest ingredients and delectable Danish flavors is the perfect way to celebrate any milestone.  We have a range of layer cakes to choose from including:

  • Danish Layer Cake

    This Danish layer cake is a culinary masterpiece that is popular with our local Racine customers and those from afar.  You will not be disappointed by this moist yellow cake which we layer with our authentic homemade raspberry jam and delicious creamy custard.  By combining these flavors with a buttercream surrounding, you will be in birthday cake heaven with every slice.  You can also customize this Danish birthday cake with a beautifully scripted message to that special someone.  Our talented cake decorators take care to skillfully personalize your cake, just like they do with all our hand-decorated layer cakes.

  • Raspberry Lemonade Mousse Cake

    This cake is a perfect summertime treat for any birthday celebration.  Inspired by a cool glass of raspberry lemonade on a hot summer’s day, this moist lemon cake is layered with lemon custard and raspberry mousse before being lavishly covered in smooth buttercream frosting.  You will relish every last bite of our Raspberry Lemonade Mousse cake if you can bring yourself to cut into the cake’s gorgeous hand-decorated outer layer.

  • King’s Chocolate Layer Cake

    Love to satisfy your palate with a delectable piece of chocolate cake? You will truly feel like royalty with our King’s Chocolate layer cake that is rich with Dutch cocoa, buttermilk, silky dark chocolate and creamy chocolate buttercream frosting.  This cake is every chocolate lovers dream and is topped off with delicately placed Swedish chocolate curls for extra goodness.

  • Fudge Layer Cake

    For a slice of true indulgence, this cake is definitely the right choice for you.  Made with midnight chocolate cake, we add three layers of chocolate silk mousse chock full of fudge pieces between cake layers.  We then hand decorate the cake in chocolate buttercream and a beautiful floral design.  Just try to eat only one piece!

  • Gluten-Free Trinity Layer Cake

    We believe that all birthdays deserve to be celebrated with a cake, which is why we make a gluten-free Trinity layer cake to cater to those with special dietary requirements.  This delicious cake begins with a smooth cheesecake base garnished with a layer of 100% Wisconsin cherry and cranberry filling.  We then finish this tasty creation with a layer of gluten-free cake, smooth white frosting and skillful decorations that look and taste yummy.  It may be Gluten-Free, but we vow that after you taste this, you would never be able to tell - it’s just that good!

We have a wide selection of scrumptious layer cakes that are perfect for any birthday celebration.  However, if you prefer something a little bit different for your party, we have alternative traditional Danish cakes of various flavors, including our Danish Crown cake.  Made from a secret family recipe, these cakes boast of Danish inspired flavors from our Viking Vacation rum and spice cake to our buttery sweet cinnamon and walnut treat.  You will be just as delighted with any Crown cake you choose.

Order in Time for Your Birthday

Handmade Buttercream Frosting - O&H Danish BakeryWe are passionate about sharing our love for handmade cakes and tasty fillings, which is why we make it easy for you to have a delicious birthday cake for your celebration.  No matter when or where you are celebrating a birthday, you can easily let our dedicated bakers know which cake you desire.  We lovingly bake each cake from scratch and ensure to carefully hand-decorate the frosting with stunning edible flower designs or chocolate creations just for you.

We know how important these celebrations are, which is why we take great care to ensure your cake arrives in perfect condition.  Our FreshShip process ensures each cake is packed in an insulated container with dry ice to ensure that they stay as fresh as possible, and when it arrives all you need to do is simply allow the layer cake to return to room temperature before serving.  We have excellent delivery options from 1 and 2-day shipping and for years have been fortunate to have our customers help us celebrate their special day all across the country.  It’s your birthday and you can have O&H Danish Bakery, if you want to!.  We promise to help you celebrate your birthday with a delicious and freshly baked cake that is full of flavor and creative decorations, from our family to yours.

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