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Summer Fruits: A Danish Dessert Tradition

By Eric Olesen - 3rd generation owner

Sunday, July 11, 2021

When the temperatures rise, the food on our plates shifts from the warm comfort foods of winter to the light and refreshing fare associated with warmer days and nights.  Of course, fresh fruits like cherries, peaches, blueberries and raspberries are some of the things we look forward to most about summer — and we’re fortunate enough to live in an area where so many fruits are abundant.  We’ve done our research and found the very best fresh summer fruits in the region to use in our homemade Kringle and pastries.


cherry kringle pastry In the late 1800s, Door County, Wisconsin, became known for its shallow soil thanks to the region’s successful growing of apple trees.  Growers experimented with many fruits, eventually discovering that tart Montmorency cherries grew exceptionally well here.  Today, during our summer trips to our Door County family cabin, cherries are everywhere — like cherry pies at roadside stands, cherry picking at local orchards, even store shelves stocked to the brim with cherry wines, jams and ice cream.  In addition, we take advantage of this abundance of local cherries in a range of sweet treats, including:

  • Cherry Kringle:

    Our classic Cherry Kringle is a favorite among our customers.  This delectable dessert showcases the amazing sweetness and tartness of our local Montmorency cherries in a scratch-made filling, balancing them perfectly with layers of flaky pastry and sweet icing.

  • Cherry Bread Pudding:

    cherry bread pudding dessert You can also enjoy a taste of summer in our Cherry Bread Pudding, an irresistible combination of cherry filling and vanilla-egg-custard-soaked Danish pastry all topped with buttery streusel.

  • Cherry Cheese Kringle:

    Another favorite is our Cherry Cheese Kringle, a delightfully tasty pastry in which we combine our local cherries with velvety-smooth Wisconsin cream cheese and finish with streusel topping and a drizzle of sweet icing.

  • Wisconsin Kringle:

    Wisconsin Danish Kringle Cranberries fresh from the bog are another local ingredient we pair with cherries and cream cheese in our summer fruit desserts, such as our Wisconsin Kringle.  We look forward to these summer fruit desserts all year — and we think you will, too.


blueberry kringle pastry The Northeast is known for many things, wild blueberries being one of them.  After the last Ice Age, these berries began to grow throughout the area, thriving in the acidic soil that once sat under glaciers.  Because blueberries prefer colder, harsher climates and have naturally adapted to their surroundings, there is now an endless array of varieties and a deep, complex flavor — something not found in cultivated berries.  As a result, we harness the juicy, sweet and tart taste of real wild blueberries in fruit desserts such as:

  • Red, White & Blue Kringle:

    patriotic kringle dessert We’re nothing if not patriotic, and we love a good 4th of July celebration.  That’s why one of our favorites is our Red, White & Blue Kringle, filled with delicious cherries, blueberries and cream cheese.

  • Wild Blueberry Kringle:

    In our Wild Blueberry Kringle, we take our flaky homemade pastry, fill it with unbelievably tasty wild Maine blueberry filling and top it with sweet icing for a treat you’ll want to eat morning, noon and night.


peach cobbler Dansih kringle Although peaches are widely associated with Georgia, they originated in China.  They made their way to Georgia via a long journey along the Silk Road and European trade routes.  Peach trees require specific growing conditions, including many hours of direct sun each day, making Georgia an ideal host to these sweet summer fruits.  Peach cobbler, a dessert in which peaches were “cobbled” together with dough over an open fire, quickly became an immensely popular way to eat them.

  • Peach Cobbler Kringle:

    We celebrate the humble peach’s roots in the Deep South with our Peach Cobbler Kringle.  We put our own twist on the classic dessert by layering together flaky homemade pastry, deliciously sweet peaches, and a cinnamon and butterscotch filling that we make fresh in our kitchens.  We bake the whole thing with buttery streusel and then drizzle it with sweet icing.  You can eat it as-is or, even better, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the perfect late-summer snack or dessert.


raspberry kringle pastry Red raspberries have as rich of a history as peaches, getting their start on the other side of the country in the Pacific Northwest.  Raspberries have been used throughout history for everything from painting to medicine — and, of course, eating.  These sweet, ruby red berries need a cooler climate with fertile soil, making themselves right at home in Washington State.  Here in Wisconsin, we love seeing raspberries at farmers’ markets each summer.  Our Danish ancestors fostered a love of raspberry jam that passed down from generation to generation.  Today, we still use it as a staple in a range of our fruit desserts and sweets.

  • Raspberry Kringle:

    While we can (and do) happily eat raspberry jam on toast, we are especially partial to our Raspberry Kringle.  We start this summer dessert with our signature ruby, red raspberry filling made from fresh-picked berries and blended to perfection, then generously spread it on our family’s flaky, layered pastry and, after baking, top it all with our homemade sweet white icing, perfect any time of day.

  • Raspberry Lemonade Mousse Cake:

    Raspberry Lemonade Cake for summer We also offer another irresistible raspberry treat: our Raspberry Lemonade Mousse Cake.  This cake features layers of lemon yellow cake, lemon custard and raspberry mousse — a pure celebration of the tastes of summer.

  • Danish Layer Cake:

    Our locally famous Danish Layer Cake also takes advantage of the fruits of summer in layers of homemade raspberry jam, creamy custard and moist yellow cake.  We ice the entire handmade cake with our incredibly smooth buttercream.

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