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A Perfect Gift: Danish Kringle Gift Packages

By Eric Olesen - 3rd generation owner

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Sharing in the good life!When it comes to Christmas shopping, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.  From partners and children to parents and in-laws, from siblings to friends and coworkers, it can feel like there is a never-ending list of people you need to buy gifts for.  Then there is the running around shopping in crowded stores and bringing it home and wrapping those gifts.  But the right present always seems to have a few things in common: it must be thoughtful, personal, enjoyable, and evoke a little bit of happiness.  In our experience, the best gifts always make it easy for you and memorable for your recipient.  That’s why we hand select the best of our items to go together in these O&H Bakery gift packages.

What’s so great about our Danish sweets?  First and foremost, we believe in old-fashioned family service, the kind you get when you stop in our local bakery and have that personal service right up at our bakery counter.  And we’re obsessed with quality.  That means that we bake our Kringle and other Christmas breakfast and dessert items the right way - without shortcuts.  We use the traditional methods passed down through the generations of our family, using only the best ingredients and baking with skill and passion.  We make our pastries and fillings from scratch fresh every day to bring you the absolute best in quality and taste, no matter which Danish Christmas dessert you choose.

Give Danish Kringles as Gifts

Scandinavian ChristmasSweets and other foods make fantastic Christmas gifts because they’re tasty, fun, and made for sharing, and the holidays are all about gathering together and reconnecting.  Kringle is a perfect gift because not only is it irresistibly delicious, but it’s also steeped in history and family values.  Baking is an important holiday tradition in Denmark, with families delving into weeks of baking from scratch to produce all manner of delicacy - ginger cookies, vanilla biscuits, deep-fried crullers, and heart-shaped gingerbread are just a few of the recipes you might find being prepared in a typical Danish household during the holiday season.  Whether or not you are Danish, we’d bet that we all have our own personal memories and traditions of spending cold days in warm kitchens, enjoying the aromas and comfort of freshly baked treats.

If you don’t have the time to bake all your Christmas gift items from scratch or want an artisan quality treat without spending the full three days to make a Kringe, don’t worry - we’ll handle it!  It’s what we have loved doing for 70 years, and it shows in our tempting array of Kringle, cookies, crown cakes, coffee cakes, and more.  Our baked goods are perfect for Christmas morning breakfast, a traditional Danish Christmas luncheon, an office party, or a get-together for your family and friends.  Heading to a holiday pot luck?  Order Kringle online ahead of time.  You’ll get to skip the baking (or more importantly clean up!) and show up with a memorable dish that everyone will be talking about.

Danish Kringle Gift Packages in Racine

A Christmas Carol PackageIf you’re looking for traditional Racine Kringle and where to buy, you’ve come to the right place.  We offer a range of Kringle flavors and other authentic Danish sweets to bring you a taste of Denmark and the care and quality for which our family is known.  For four generations we have been carefully crafting danish pastries and holiday treats.  We do our best to make gift giving simple with one of these tempting O&H Bakery gift packages that include homemade Kringle and another Danish Christmas dessert or two.

  • Christmas Morning Danish Style:

    Are you planning Christmas morning breakfast for a crowd?  This gift package is for you.  It includes one Pecan Kringle, one Cranberry Kringle, one Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee Cake, and two Gokstad Coffee Packets - all you need is enough hungry people with which to share.

  • Mrs.  Claus:

    Here’s another way to sample more than one Kringle flavor - and present it in a beautiful way!  This package comes with one Almond Kringle, one Cinnamon Roll Kringle, and one Cherry Kringle - a Christmas breakfast or dessert that just begs for a piping hot cup of our Gokstad coffee on the side.

  • Fancy Pecan Collection:

    Celebrate all things pecan with this popular package.  We include Angel Food Cookies, Pecan Custard Coffee Cake, and our award-winning Pecan Kringle, a combination of sweets that’s heavenly and downright sinful all at once.

  • Pair of Pairs:

    Here’s a great gift package to keep on hand to offer hungry family members and unexpected guests during the Christmas season.  This package includes our two most-asked-for menu items: our award-winning Pecan Kringle and our Seven Sisters Coffee Cake, made by layering our handmade pastry with silky-smooth custard and creamy almond filling in seven spiraled rolls.

  • A Christmas Carol:

    If you or your recipient is all about Christmas, and always has a big get together, then this is the gift for you.  This package includes all of our best Christmas items, our deliciously tart Cranberry Kringle, a silky smooth Eggnog Kringle, our classic Christmas Kringle, one of our Christmas in Copenhagen Crown Cake, the customer favorite Wisconsin Christmas Coffee Cake, two Gokstad Coffee Packets.  It even includes a beautifully made custom Danish Santa Ornament to hang on a tree and our Artist’s Edition Main Street Christmas Gift Box.

If you’re looking for Racine Kringle and where to buy it, we’re confident O&H Danish Bakery has something for everyone on your gift list.  We let you pick and build the perfect gift for anyone on your list.  Having a smaller get together with close family?  We have a range of Kringle flavors and other sweets you can buy alone, perfect as a gift for a friend, family member, coworker, or boss.  Does everyone in your family have a favorite flavor?  No problem, order as many Kringle as you like!  Some of our most popular (and holiday-worthy) items include:

  • Cherry Cheese Kringle:

    Our juicy cherry filling is made from fresh-picked, world-renowned Wisconsin Montmorency cherries, and we layer that on top of silky smooth Wisconsin cream cheese.  It’s topped with buttery streusel and drizzled with sweet icing.

  • Turtle Kringle:

    When only chocolate will do, our Turtle Kringle is the answer.  We fill our flaky pastry with creamy caramel, chopped pecans, and homemade chocolate sauce, then top off the whole thing with a special blend of semi-sweet chocolate and more fancy pecans.  This one’s guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

  • Almond Kringle:

    One of our best-loved pastries is our Almond Kringle, an exceptionally flavorful choice that we’ve been making for generations.

  • Merry Cherry Christmas Pie:

    For a Christmas dessert that’s sure to steal the show, try our Merry Cherry Christmas Pie.  We start with a layer of smooth almond cake and then layer that with our scratch made Door County Cherry filling that is oh so delightful.  It’s then beautifully garnished with sliced almonds and star cutouts topped with crystal sugar.

  • Danish Crown Cakes:

    Our Danish Crown Cakes are made with a secret family recipe you and anyone on your shopping list will love.  With flavors such as almond, eggnog, and chocolate, there’s a Crown Cake for everyone.

Do you have someone on your gift list who can’t have gluten or sugar, for example?  Our selection of many special dietary needs and Gluten-Free Triple Chocolate Cookies and Gluten-Free Trinity Layer Cake, make great options, as well as coffee cakes, sweet rolls, and Kringle made with no added salt or sugar.  This Christmas, make gift-giving easy for you and memorable for your recipient when you order Kringle (and Christmas treats!) online from O&H Danish Bakery.

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