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Item #: 390 - No Added Salt and Sugar Coffee Cakes

No Added Salt and Sugar Coffee Cakes

4.7 (18 reviews)
Contents: 1 Blueberry Danish Coffee Cake & 1 Pecan Danish Coffee Cake (each are a six-inch coffee cake) | No added sugar or salt
We are passionate about everyone being able to enjoy bakery which is why our bakers formulated two Danish Coffee Cakes for those who need to reduce their sugar and salt intake. We guarantee the quality and flavor are not compromised. Our Bluberry Danish Coffee Cake is bursting with our homemade filling and the gooey pecan pie filling perfectly describes the Danish Pecan Coffee Cake. These two coffee cakes are a dream of anyone searching for a delicious, moist tasting coffee cake. Really, one bite and you will say - are you sure these are made without salt and sugar?
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    Nutritional Label

    Nutritional Label for No Added Salt and Sugar Coffee Cakes

    Nutritional Label for No Added Salt and Sugar Coffee Cakes

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    Serving Instructions

    There is no added sugar or salt used in our recipe. We use maltitol for sweetening. Nutritional information is available upon request.

Perfect for my Eating Plan!


Don't miss the added sugar one bit! I would bet that no one would know that it's a good fit for low-sugar diets!


Scottsdale, AZ


Perfect gift for my elderly diabetic mother!


My 87 year old mom loves sweets but is a diabetic. I bought these for her and she LOVED them. They are on the smaller side but she lives alone so they are the perfect size for her. I've ordered them at least 5 times for her and she never gets tired of them!


San Francisco


Several family members asked for ordering info!!!


Loved the product. Would like for them to be a little larger.




Great Taste - Not so great Value


I have purchased these no sugar added products as gifts for several years now and for the first time, sent one to myself. I loved the flavor but can't get past how small they were for the price. I'm kind of embarrassed for sending these as gifts. Not sure if I'll order next year.


Las Vegas, NV


Really good taste


We have only tried one so far the pecan but it is very good and fresh. It was quite expensive though when you include cost and shipping. And the worse part was we read the sugar alcohols that are in it which are just as bad as sugar it self.

Merry Mary Christmas



No Added Salt and Sugar Coffee Cakes

4.7 18


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