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Item #: MORN - Scandinavian Breakfast Buffet

Scandinavian Breakfast Buffet

5.0 (9 reviews)
Contents: 1 Apple Kringle (1lb 8oz), 1 Cinnamon Roll Kringle (1lb 8oz), 1 Danish Crown Cake (1lb 10oz), 1 Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake (1lb 8oz) & 2 Danish Uncle Coffee Packets (3oz)
Scandinavians are known for their warm hospitality and this selection of Danish pastries are welcoming for family and friends to enjoy with coffee, during breakfast or any time of the day. Our Danish Crown Cake, made with cinnamon and walnuts and Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake are traditional favorites. Pair that with two wonderful flavors of Kringle, Cinnamon and Apple, and it will be enjoyed by all.
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    Serving Instructions

    We recommended serving each of these items at room temperature. For storage, all of these items freeze well and can be enjoyed later.

positively wonderful for large breakfast buffet.


The selection is so large it can be shared with other meals you have planned.


Madison Heights, MI


All Good!


Wonderful way to have a delicious variety during the holidays without me having to spend all my time baking!


Windermere, Flo.


Sent as a house warming gift.


I have been getting for myself, and for family/friends, O&H Danishes for years.




Absolutely delicious!


All of the items ordered were delicious and made of high quality ingredients. These were not the local grocery store type of baked goods. We all tasted the difference. We received them on Thursday and served them on Sunday-they were still very fresh. We are limited to ordering a couple of times a year but would love to be able to buy more frequently.


Northern Wisconsin


Fabulous selection


The selection was truly a wonder. We dove right into the kringle in addition to freezing some of the items. That didn't last long as we had unexpected friends drop in and the cake was out of the freezer, nuked and finished in a heartbeat to raves all around.

The Baker

long island, ny


Scandinavian Breakfast Buffet

5.0 9


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