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Contents: 1 Santa's Secret Christmas Kringle (1lb 8oz), 1 A Very Danish Christmas Kringle (1lb 8oz), 1 Wisconsin Christmas Coffee Cake (1lb 8oz), 1 White Christmas Crown Cake (1lb 10oz) & 1 Artist's Edition Santa's Sleigh Gift Box
This collection is perfect to send a hello to all the friends you know. It includes our popular Christmas items and a beautifully printed gift box which is an original hand painted watercolor from local Racine artist Sue Horton. Oh by golly, have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year!

    Nutritional Label

    Nutritional Label for Santa's Secret Christmas Kringle

    Nutritional Label for A Very Danish Christmas Kringle

    Nutritional Label for Wisconsin Christmas Coffee Cake

    Nutritional Label for White Christmas Crown Cake


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    Serving Instructions

    We recommended serving each of these items at room temperature. For storage, all of these items freeze well and can be enjoyed later.
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