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Kosher Desserts for Hanukkah

By Eric Olesen

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

When celebrating the holidays, you can make your gathering with family and friends even more special with delicious Kosher desserts.  We have a wide selection of Hanukkah treats so you can serve up a tasteful array of sweet delights across the entire eight days of observing the festival.  The Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) endorses our Kosher bakery and we label our products proudly with the CRC symbol.

Kosher Pecan Danish Kringle

Almond Macaron Kringle

You can start your festive celebrations with our simple yet yummy Almond Macaron Kringle.  This flavorful dessert features our traditional Danish almond paste filling which we surround with our light almond batter.  The batter bakes to perfection and creates a delicate shell with a crunchy almond topping for a sweetly simple dessert.  This is our owner’s favorite Kringle!

Pecan Kringle

Our Pecan Kringle has been a firm favorite at our bakery for more than sixty years and will make the perfect sweet addition to your Hanukkah feast.  Packed full of fancy pecans that we blend with cinnamon and brown sugar, one bite of this yummy crispy pastry will have you wanting more.

Turtle Kringle

Our Turtle Kringle is the ideal dessert to serve to a crowd over Hanukkah.  You can cut this yummy Danish pastry into even serving sizes, so everyone gets a taste of this flavorful treat.  Our light and crispy pastry surround creamy caramel drenched pecans and homemade chocolate sauce filling.  The semi-sweet chocolate topping and a sprinkle of pecans are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings.

Apple Kringle

If the delightful aroma of cinnamon apple reminds you of your childhood Hanukkah celebrations, then be sure to warm our tasty Apple Kringle in the oven before serving to your family and friends.  Our delicious scratch-made filling crafted with crisp Michigan apples is sure to be a popular choice for your festivities.

Kosher Apple Kringle

Other Baked Goods from Our Kosher Bakery

Sweet Rolls with No Added Salt or Sugar: A delicious alternative to Hanukkah cakes, our Sweet Rolls bring ease and simplicity to what can be a hectic season.  Even with no sugar or salt added to these delicious rolls, they remain tender and flaky for a mouthwatering treat.  You can enjoy the delicious assortment of fruit toppings which will also make for a beautiful display on your festive table.

Sinful Chocolate Eclairs: These luscious butter-sweetened custard cream-filled treats will look and taste impressive on your Hanukkah table.  We cover our crispy and light pastry shells with a thick layer of smooth chocolate fudge to ensure that the Sinful Chocolate Eclairs live up to their name.  They make for the perfect Kosher dessert delivery that you can order beforehand, freeze and then thaw when needed.

Chocolate Eclairs from our Kosher Bakery

Dark Chocolate Croissant Pie: For a decadent treat that is easily transportable, our bread pudding style pie will not disappoint on presentation or flavor.  Made with buttermilk, cocoa and cinnamon-soaked flaky croissants pieces, we place these into a pie crust before adding dark chocolate chunks and filling with a creamy and smooth hazelnut spread.  Lastly, we top with crumbly streusel to finish our wonderfully indulgent Dark Chocolate Croissant Pie that everyone is sure to love.

Cinnamon Seven Sisters Coffee Cake: We know that donuts are a popular Hanukkah treat yet when you want something that’s not deep-fried, try our Cinnamon Seven Sisters Coffee Cake.  We use a delicious blend of sweet cinnamon and silky smooth cream cheese to create our irresistible tender Danish pastry spirals.  The custard-filled center makes these sweet pastries even more special so be sure to get one quick before everyone else eats them.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake from our Kosher Bakery

Order Hanukkah Desserts Online from O&H Danish Bakery

Whether you need Kosher desserts for Passover celebrations, Hanukkah or any other Jewish festivities, you can find a wide assortment of delicious treats at our bakery.  We use the finest ingredients, time-honored baking techniques and traditional Danish recipes to create our yummy range of cakes, pastries, Kringles, cookies and more.  You can readily order your Kosher desserts online and store in your freezer, so you are well prepared for any future event.  Reach out to our friendly staff if you have a custom order or any questions about our baked goods.

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