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Best Desserts for Family Gatherings and Potlucks

By Eric Olesen

Saturday, October 17, 2020

One of the best things about family gatherings is enjoying great conversation over delicious food.  In fact, the Danes have a feeling that they describe this slight moment of life: it’s called hygge (hoo-gah).  Whether you’re going to a family reunion, birthday celebration or seasonal gathering, our list of yummy crowd-pleasing desserts surely will impress.  From decadent layer cakes to fruit-filled Kringles, we have something to suit any occasion and satisfy your family’s sweet taste buds.  And while this year, some of these occasions might be virtual instead of directly with one another - you can still have dessert together!

Royal Scandinavian Collection

Scandinavian crowd-pleasing dessert collectionYou can’t go wrong with taking our most popular bakery pastries as your potluck desserts.  You can feed a large crowd with our flavorful almond items as you can cut these three treats into numerous serving sizes to suit your occasion.  If you are going to a mixed generation gathering such as a family reunion or anniversary, our Royal Scandinavian Collection (which includes Almond Kringle, Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee Cake and Scandinavian Almond Crown Cake) is a perfect dessert to take along for everyone to enjoy.  Even if you aren’t in person, each item is separately packaged and delivered fresh to your doorstep, so you could take orders and have each family choose their favorite for pickup!

Fudge Layer Cake

We think a cake is always an excellent option when needing easy desserts for a crowd.  Regardless of your reason for a family gathering, our Fudge Layer Cake will suit any setting, and our hand-decorated chocolate buttercream frosting with a floral design will look impressive sitting on the dessert table.  You can be confident that everyone will want a piece of this cake, which is why we fill the inner layers with generous servings of chocolate silk mousse to ensure everyone gets a taste no matter how thin you cut the slices.

Valhalla Brownies

If your family includes chocolate and caramel lovers, then you will get the best of both with our decadent Valhalla Brownies.  Whether you are hosting a socially distanced gathering or need potluck sweets to take along, our eight large triple layer brownies will suit a casual backyard celebration or a traditional indoor setting.  Each brownie is filled with a smooth caramel center and topped with a vanilla bean icing or fudge frosting.  The hard part will be not all swarming the dessert table at the same time...and deciding which one to try first!

The Three Kringleteers

three kringles perfect for potlucksWhen you need fast and easy desserts for a crowd filled with children and adults, our traditional Kringle flavors are sure to please everyone.  You can readily cut and set up our Pecan, Apple, and Cream Cheesecake Kringles for people to help themselves to individual portions and have them set aside so you can relax and enjoy your family gathering.  We also think that any time is a good time for dessert, so whether you’re having a brunch, lunch, or dinner gathering, our Three Kringleteers will make the perfect sweet treat.

Danish Orchard Crumb Cake

Take advantage of our limited-time crumb cake that uses fresh fruits as the star ingredients.  You will love the combination of our apple cinnamon cake, smooth cream cheese and delicious homemade cranberry and apple filling.  Our talented bakers perfectly balance these flavors to give you a refreshingly uncomplicated yet yummy dessert topped with buttery streusel and icing.  Ideal for any fall family gathering, it is best served at room temperature, gives generous serving sizes for twelve people, and pairs beautifully with a hot cup of coffee.

Birthday Kringle

savory birthday kringleOur Birthday Kringle is a scrumptious celebratory treat for any age.  You won’t be disappointed when you forgo the traditional yearly dessert with this birthday cake alternative that offers a decadently rich, crispy, and buttery pastry with creamy custard and raspberry jam filling.  We even cover it with smooth icing and colorful sprinkles so it looks like a party treat - all you have to do is add the candles!  You can cut our large Kringles into twelve servings or consider ordering two as desserts for large crowds.

Order Desserts for Your Next Family Gathering from O&H Danish Bakery

Whether you love to plan ahead or leave things to the last minute, a yummy dessert from O&H Bakery will not disappoint.  You can readily order your favorite treat online and store it in your freezer until the special day or collect it on the way to your family gathering.  Even if you can’t get together, you can send our desserts and share a little bit of happiness with your family or friends.  We use the finest ingredients from around the world and time-honored baking techniques, so when you need easy and fast desserts for a crowd, you can deliver on flavor, quality, and style.  Reach out today if you have a question or need a custom decorative design for your gathering!

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