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Item #: 200 - King Cake Kringle

King Cake Kringle

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Our Cream Cheese Kringle, decorated in official Mardi Gras colors, includes three strands of beads, a plastic baby and the King Cake story.

King Cake Story
The traditional pre-Lenten King Cake is consumed at parties from the twelfth day after Christmas until the end of Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

The King Cake was popularized in New Orleans. Yet, this pre-Mardi Gras coffee cake actually has its roots in the Epiphany, the Christian religious holiday on January 6, which represents the Three Wise Men who discovered the Christ Child.

What is the King Cake story? King Cake has its roots in the celebration of the birth of Christ. This oval coffee cake, traditionally, has a special gift baked inside to represent the gift of the Christ Child.

Latin and European cultures around the world have different customs for what gift is baked inside. You might find a coin, a pea, a bean, or a plastic baby (we do not bake the baby inside because of our fear someone may accidentally choke on it). The person who is lucky enough to find the gift in their slice is truly blessed, indeed.

The cake is decorated in official Mardi Gras colors. Green stands for faith, gold represents power, and purple represents justice. These are blessings of the New Year and qualities sure to bring you prosperity and happiness.

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    Great for breakfast, brunch, or served with coffee after any meal. Kringle is also popular for meetings and gatherings. We recommend refrigerating or freezing Kringle when storing. To warm, remove from package and place in a 350 degree oven for approximately 3-minutes or warm, as necessary, in a microwave oven. Cut into 1 or 2-inch slices depending on appetite and occasion.

Couldn't Wait for Mardi Gras Tuesday


Ordered 3 of these thinking they would last until closer to Mardi Gras but no, 2 are gone already so can the third be far behind?


southwest ohio


I would not purchase again.


Everyone was not as happy with this product as we were with previous purchases.


Boardman, OH




Really enjoyed. A although was late arriving, my house number was not listed.


Noblesville IN


History never tasted so good


Good fun teaching our grandchildren about their heritage.


Amelia VA


Different King Cake


We just had the cake for snack thinking about Mardi Gras.

East Coast Gal

Northern Virgina


King Cake Kringle

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