Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin - Since 1949
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  • Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
plus sign How do I sign into my account when I forget my user name or password?
plus sign Is the information that I provide O&H Danish Bakery kept private?
plus sign Does O&H Danish Bakery help organizations with Fund Raising?
plus sign Do you sell gift boxes separately?
plus sign Do you offer corporate discounts?
plus sign Do you have special pricing or discounts for large orders?
Kringle Questions
plus sign Can I order Kringle if the person is allergic to legumes or nuts?
plus sign How long will Kringle stay fresh?
plus sign What size and weight are each Kringle?
plus sign How many servings are there in 1 Kringle?
plus sign Can the flavor for the Kringle-of-the-Month be changed?
plus sign When will Kringle-of-the-Month orders be shipped?
plus sign Can I change the items in a gift package?
Shipping Questions
plus sign What do I do if I received my package late, damaged or the order was never received?
plus sign Can you ship to a post office box?
plus sign Can I ship to a foreign, A.P.O or F.P.O destination?
plus sign What carrier do we use for shipping and when should I expect delivery?
plus sign Why am I not able to select certain dates for delivery on your delivery date calendar?
plus sign Can I use my own UPS or FEDEX shipper number?
plus sign How do I place an order without creating an account?
plus sign Can I place an order on the phone and send a check in the mail?
plus sign When will my order be shipped and be delivered?
Store Questions
plus sign Where are your stores located?
plus sign Can items we sell in our stores be shipped?
plus sign The product I purchased at the store was not the right item?
Customer Service Questions
plus sign Can I personalize my gift message?
plus sign What are your customer service hours?
plus sign How do I change my address, e-mail or contact information?
Product Questions
plus sign Do you offer any items for restricted diets?
plus sign Are your products Kosher?
plus sign What size/servings are your crown cakes?
plus sign Can I have something written on my cake?
plus sign What size/servings are the Gourmet Cakes and how are they shipped?
plus sign Oooh! I see you offer eclairs! How big are they and how do you ship them to make sure we receive them in good shape?

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