Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin - Since 1949
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Add to Cart Almond Kringle $18.95 Almond Kringle (100)
Add to Cart Almond Macaroon Kringle $18.95 Almond Macaroon Kringle (110)
Add to Cart Apple Kringle $18.95 Apple Kringle (121)
Add to Cart Apricot Kringle $18.95 Apricot Kringle (140)
Add to Cart Blueberry Kringle $18.95 Blueberry Kringle (150)
Add to Cart Cream Cheese Kringle $18.95 Cream Cheese Kringle (160)
Add to Cart Wisconsin Kringle $18.95 Wisconsin Kringle (169)
Add to Cart Cherry Kringle $18.95 Cherry Kringle (170)
Add to Cart Cherry Cheese Kringle $18.95 Cherry Cheese Kringle (180)
Add to Cart Chocolate Pecan Kringle $18.95 Chocolate Pecan Kringle (190)
Add to Cart Pecan Kringle $18.95 Pecan Kringle (220)
Add to Cart Raspberry Kringle $18.95 Raspberry Kringle (270)
Add to Cart Turtle Kringle $18.95 Turtle Kringle (280)
Add to Cart Maple Walnut Kringle $18.95 Maple Walnut Kringle (S013)
Add to Cart Cinnamon Roll Kringle $18.95 Cinnamon Roll Kringle (S021)
Add to Cart Pecan and Raspberry Pair $37.90 Pecan and Raspberry Pair (POP1)
Add to Cart Red Velvet Kringle $18.95 Red Velvet Kringle (S062)
Add to Cart Viking Very Berry Kringle $18.95 Viking Very Berry Kringle (S009)

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