Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin - Since 1949
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Pecan and Raspberry Pair (POP1) Ho Ho Ho Kringle (HHHK) The Three Kringleteers (3KTS)
Pecan and Raspberry Pair Ho Ho Ho Kringle The Three Kringleteers
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Festive Holiday Greetings (FHG3) The Fabulous Three (FAB3) Mrs. Claus (MRSC)
NEW-Festive Holiday Greetings The Fabulous Three Mrs. Claus
$49.99  •  Add to Cart $59.99  •  Add to Cart $69.99  •  Add to Cart
Apple and Almond Pair (752) Kringle Kris Kringle (G03K) Scandinavian Christmas Kringle (748)
Apple and Almond Pair Kringle Kris Kringle Scandinavian Christmas Kringle
$39.99  •  Add to Cart $69.99  •  Add to Cart $59.99  •  Add to Cart
Business Rewards - Three Kringle (KBR3) 2 Danish Uncle Assorted Coffee Packets (S029)
Business Rewards - Three Kringle 2 Danish Uncle Assorted Coffee Packets
$68.95  •  Add to Cart $4.99  •  Add to Cart

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