Award Winning Kringle From Racine, Wisconsin - Since 1949
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Festival of Fall Kringle Flavors (FALL) The Royal Pair (753) Seasonal Danish Treasures (746)
Festival of Fall Kringle Flavors NEW-The Royal Pair Seasonal Danish Treasures
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Scandinavian Breakfast Buffet (MORN) Choice Pecan Collection (720) Pair of Pairs (P7SS)
Scandinavian Breakfast Buffet Choice Pecan Collection Pair of Pairs
$83.99  •  Add to Cart $50.99  •  Add to Cart $41.99  •  Add to Cart
Royal Scandinavian Collection (RSC) Christmas Tree Kringle Jingle (CTKJ) Christmas Holiday Collection (749)
Royal Scandinavian Collection Christmas Tree Kringle Jingle Christmas Holiday Collection
$63.99  •  Add to Cart $44.99  •  Add to Cart $89.99  •  Add to Cart
All I Want For Christmas (ALL) Christmas Morning Danish Style (CMDS) A Christmas Carol (CRL)
NEW-All I Want For Christmas Christmas Morning Danish Style NEW-A Christmas Carol
$99.99  •  Add to Cart $61.99  •  Add to Cart $139.99  •  Add to Cart

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